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Diana is an AI agent that works with your tools, helping you solve everyday data engineering problems.

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Testing on Autopilot

Generate data tests on the fly to make sure your data is clean and trust worthy at all times. Ask Diana to write tests, run tests, and report back any issues she finds!

Convert Tickets to PR

Tag @diana and she will research, plan, clarify and execute the necessary changes for your review.

Diana 3:13 PM

Diana 3:16 PM

🚨 Recent changes to the netsuite transactions source table schema is breaking downstream revenue forecasting models.

Here’s my analysis:

  • `transaction_amount`, has been renamed to `total_amount`. This field is crucial for aggregating revenue data

  • `monthly_revenue_forecast` and `quarterly_revenue_summary` models are affected

  • The immediate fix is to update all references from `transaction_amount` to `total_amount`

I've implemented the fix for the transaction_amount to total_amount issue in our models. Here’s the PR:

Josh 3:15 PM

@diana implement the fix



Fix Broken Pipelines

Diana can maintain and update your data pipelines on the fly so you don’t get bothered every time they break. Diana handles upstream source changes, downstream report issues, and more!

Add a semantic_model definition of customers.sql model to customers.yml

Sure! I will append the semantic model definition to the end of the customers.yml file underneath the model definition


Automatically Update Docs

Diana learns your style and writes docs for you, so you can stay up to date at all times. Ask technical questions and get up-to-date and context-rich answers.

Connect Your Tools

Simple one-click integration with all your tools such as Github, dbt, and more!

Tag @Diana

Diana works like another team member. Tag them in tasks and watch the magic unfold.

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Manage, monitor, and customize Diana to fit your work and style.

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masea3439 and diana added 3 commits 2 minutes ago

Add new model for JIRA issue keys jira_issue_key

Remove unused columns

Add data tests to model jira_issue_key

I’ve added tests that verify `ticket_id` column is correctly formatted and NOT NULL.

I’ve added tests that verify `issue_id` is populated with valid JIRA issue IDs, verifying the linkage to zendesk tickets

masea3439 commented 1 minute ago

@diana implement tests for my new jira_issue_key model

diana commented 1 minute ago